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Suomi 2009 - last day and road back.

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Last day was the only day when I managed to get up early. Around 8 a.m., thinking that lifts turns on at 9 a.m. and I want to have a good riding before I have to return ski and pack my things. After that I was truly sorry that I choose to sleep in on previous days. It was amazing: freshly brushed snow, with absolutely no ice and very few people. On snow like that I even took a few rides down 'red' slopes and had great fun. An hour or so later more people came and on some parts ice patches formed, so I had to move back to 'blue'.

Around 1p.m. I returned equipment and went to shops to get some souvenirs and food for trip back - I wanted something better than instant noodles for 36 train trip. I planned to get some cheap small souvenirs - keychain, couple of magnets, pen (mine run out). But... I saw a stuffed husky dog with a puppy. I even walked away without buying it... But I met Anya on my way out and had to turn back, as the best shop was hiding behind a cafe and I found it only by accident. I couldn't walk away second time.

Leaving was pretty much a mirror from coming - check-out at 3 p.m., bus at 6 p.m. And nobody knew that it was 6 p.m. by Moscow time. Dima, Anya and I were lucky, noone was moving in our house, so we were able to stay in and watch TV. Then, already in bus, we were waiting for some irresponsible people who loaded their bags and then run for "one last ride", I saw a deficiency in my shopping - everyone were sitting with bags of candy and I didn't get any. It was too late though, so I just tried some from neighbors.

Finally everyone gathered and we left. And just in time, because all visas ended on that day, border closes at 9 p.m. and we still have to get there. We were barely on time - exit gates were closed right after our bus. I tried to take some photos on my phone, but they were all low-quality and in most cases not the ones I was aiming for.


Arriving to Kandalaksha was grand. Imagine - midnight, quiet village station, train terminal is basically one room for local people, ticket window is in the same room. It is not much warmer inside than outside, but at least no wind. Two old women and a man are napping in metal seats. And suddenly there is a mob of 30+ people with road bags and skis/snowboards. Any free space was suddenly just gone. In one corner there was a snowboard bag shaped as classic vampire's coffin with pentagram. Train came at 1 a.m. and everyone loaded in fast, this time we all were closer, but still stretched over three or four cabs. After getting sheets and making my upper bunk without waking occupants of both lower ones, I finally fell asleep.
Next day I slept in and visited to copy photos ant talk a bit.

In Moscow all my plans crashed - once again I arrived in early morning and left at midnight. But I didn't find storage room in airport and so I called a friend of my friend, who invited me to come over and have a break in her flat. I spent day there, playing with her cat. In the evening I once again went to airport and spent last 4-5 hours there.

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